Anthony Rinaldi

AKA “Connoisseur of Customer Relations”
team member

Turning his passion into a business, Anthony has lead the way in revolutionizing the pre-owned Rolex market. By providing the most up-to-date market intelligence in addition to his vast Rolex knowledge, Anthony is sure to be your best bet when buying or selling Rolex watches.

Chris DiStefano

Vice President of Sales
Known here as “The Sultan of Savings”
team member

Few people know more about Rolex watches then this guy. With a background in financial planning he shifted his talents to the world of luxury watches. He now resides as our Vice President of sales overseeing procurement and customer service.

With an emphasis on providing the best customer service in the industry Chris stops at nothing to make his customers happy. From hunting down a rare timepiece to having the latest Rolex releases available he understands the avid collector’s passion for Rolex watches.

Hobby: Semi-Pro Cat Racer

Carson Kane

Online Operations Manager
AKA “The Great White Buffalo”
team member

With a background in digital advertising Carson has stopped at nothing to ensure our customers have the best online shopping experience possible. Dipping his toes into all aspects of the business, Carson develops our advertising strategies as well as keeping our social media avenues humming with activity.

Hobby: Sneaker Fanatic

Sean Sullivan

Internal Sales Representative
AKA “Smooth Sully”
team member

Sean is easily the nicest person in the office. His customers love his nonchalant attitude when discussing a Rolex watch. His experience provides the trust and knowledge necessary for you to be comfortable buying a Rolex online.